Past Events

Sat 9/25/2009: IN2IT 2-Year Anniversary – Tag team sessions – DJ M vs War//breakeR – UndergroundSF, San Francisco
Tues 10/6/2009: Dispatch Recordings Night @ Shelter feat. Ant TC1, Senator, DJ M – UndergroundSF, San Francisco
Sat 11/14/2009: BADNB @ Club 6 Darkroom, San Francisco
Thurs 12/3/2009: DJM & War//breakeR @ UndergroundSF
Sat 12/5/2009: Still Doin’ It @ Anu Bar, San Francisco
Fri 12/18/2009: PRIMAL @ underground location
Wed 2/10/2010: DJM @ Whatever You Wish, located at Wish Bar, SF. With resident Kuze.
Sun 2/14/2010: DJM @ Rhythm Method’s Valentine’s Day party, located at The Beatbox (formerly Studio Z, now renovated w/new sound).
Sat 4/10/2010: DJM @ BADNB @ Club 6 Darkroom, San Francisco
Tues 6/29/2010: DJM, Bscrivn’, Grace @ Shelter – UndergroundSF, San Francisco
Thurs 7/1/2010: Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Method One, Kuze, DJM, MC Child, Ax!om MC @ Still Doin’ It – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco. Buy presales
Wed 8/4/2010: DJM plus hosts War//breakeR & Grace @ Active Mindz Sessions radio –
Sat 8/28/2010: DJM & Frankie with residents Senator & Peter Be @ Odyssey – East Village Coffee Lounge, Monterey, CA

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