DaveDJM live at Fizzy SF October 2012

New mix from our bass music monthly Fizzy SF at 222 Hyde. This is me mixing live on Serato, Technics, and the awesome Allen & Heath Xone:V6 rotary.

DaveDJM live at Fizzy SF, 18th October 2012
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David Marston – Top Off feat. Ase [Cool Kid Music]
Volor Flex featuring Bulb – City Pressure [Apollo]
A1 Bassline – Slingback [Source Unknwn]
Fingalick – ∆Y∆Y [Loveless Records]
LV – Uthando Lwaka feat. Ruffest [Hyperdub]
I Killed Kenny – Lets Go feat. Jamie George (Cause & Affect Remix) [Four40 Records]
Mak – Cameo [Car Crash Set]
LKID – Summer Haze [Dreieck]
CDBL – Bad Girls [Soukouch Ethnik]
Pusherman – Still Feel (Chaos in the CBD Remix) [Dench Recordings]
Pleasure – Platypus (Vhyce remix) [No Brainer]
Tanka – Salwa [Hot N Heavy]
Trevino – Indulge [Apple Pips]
Venice Calypso – Trapezoid (JTRP Remix) [Senseless]
Jimmy Edgar – Sex Drive (Jon Convex Remix) [Hotflush]
Chaos In The CBD – Rolling 84’s [ClekClekBoom Recordings]
Deft – Fastick [Raised By Records]
Bobby Champs – Latte [Pictures Music]
Hostage – Heal Me [Black Butter]
Zed Bias – Heavy Water Riddim [Digital Soundboy]
Cobra Krames & Pink Cash – We Not The Same (Funkystepz remix) [Moveltraxx]
Zulu – I.N.C.L.E.H. [Enchufada]
Ghosts on Tape – No Go [Icee Hot]
My Nu Leng – Waltaknocks [LNUK]
Cropper – Need to Know [I Used to Sleep at Night]

FIZZCAST02 DaveDJM bass music studio mix

Back in July 2012, along with the homies Jus Wan and Highly Nic, I started a new monthly in SF playing Bass Music (and House/Techno/Electro crossover stuff, 2-Step, UK Funky etc). Jus and I kicked things off by doing podcast mixes. Mine is below and you can also find them on our SoundCloud.

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01. Trusta – Hypnotic (Swamp 81)
02. Kamikaze Space Programme – Gears (Deca Rhythm)
03. Jon Convex – Zero (3024)
04. Pasteman and Tanka – Camaro (877 Records)
05. Riva Starr – Dance Me (Made To Play)
06. Stickman – Nappy Heads (Pushing Red)
07. Mickey Pearce – Don’t Ask. Don’t Get. (Swamp 81)
08. Boddika – Acid Jackson (Swamp 81)
09. Lil Silva – Who Hurt You (white)
10. GoldFFinch – Let Me See (Audio Culture)
11. Brackles – Squarehead (Rinse)
12. DJ Pantha – Snakes & Ladders (We R Bass)
13. Kalbata – Freetown (Greenmoney Recordings)
14. N.B Funky – The Leak Remix (UK Funky)
15. Doc Daneeka – Murdah Strings (RKS)
16. Roska – The Oracle (Rinse)
17. Sami Sanchez – Sirenz refix (Dub Organizer)
18. Azealia Banks – 212 feat. Lazy Jay
19. Roska – Spanner In The Works feat. Swindle & Funtcase (Rinse)


Phil Senator and I got together and mixed a two hour Drum & Bass session exactly one month ago and I finally got around to chopping it in half and uploading it. We wanted to showcase new deep techy D&B, taking inspiration from the vivid imagination of Robotech as well as further paradigm shifts in our lives, this time including job transitions, stints in NYC and Europe, and him preparing to set off on a year long Peace Corps job in Republic of Guinea. So here ya go, hope you enjoy this bifurcated technomutation, assembled on Serato & Technics & Rane & vinyl… “that’s how we do it.”


PART ONE: Orbital Warp Blast
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Electrosoul System – Aquatique – KOS.MOS.Music
Electrosoul System – Feel Good – KOS.MOS.Music
Mute & Mako – Astral Transmissions – Ingredients Records
Paradox – Ghost Notes – Paradox Music
Survival, Octane and DLR – Spectrum – Dispatch Recordings
Bazil – Traction – Dispatch LTD
Need For Mirrors – Lo Walk – Dispatch LTD
Hydro & Halogenix – Halcyon Daze – Horizons Music
Bal – All City – Dispatch Recordings
Need For Mirrors – Erotic Relapse – Zoltar
Icicle – Redemption ft. Robert Owens (Alix Perez Remix) – Shogun Audio
Survival – Ever Clear – Dispatch Recordings
The xx – Shelter (Alix Perez x Khanage Refix)
Lynx & Hellrazor – Mango Dusk – Detail Recordings
Calibre – Free My Mind – Samurai Red Seal
Fracture & Mark System – Yeah, But… – Subtitles

PART TWO: Battle of Saturn’s Rings
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DLR – Cohiba – BLKND
D*Minds – Stone River – Modulations
Lynx & Hellrazor – Taboo – Detail Recordings
Eveson – Cold Heart – Horizons Music
NickBee – Carpe Diem – Dispatch LTD
Survival – Cash – Dispatch LTD
Arp Xp – Fear of Dirt – IM:Ltd
Spinline – Encounters – SGN:LTD
Enei – Stonehead – Critical Recordings
Octane & DLR feat. Ant TC1 – Lost in Walrus – Dispatch Recordings
Slider & Expose – Hooked (Survival Remix) – Translation
Dose – Control Me – SMPTM
Lenzman – More Than I Can Take (Enei Remix)
Lenzman – Lasers – Metalheadz
London Elektricity – Love The Silence feat. Elsa Esmeralda (Mutated Forms Remix) – Hospital Records

LINK TO THIS POST: http://bit.ly/theshapings
MP3 SHORT LINKS: http://bit.ly/shapings1 + http://bit.ly/shapings2
CHIRP: #theshapings

Big Love Archives presents Loose Joints vol 1 mixed by DJM

Andria at Big Love Archives was kind enough to invite me to do the first in an exclusive mix series for the site. Her concept started out as programming music to represent or evoke a particular space, then kinda morphed into an outlet to bring unusual music to the surface with some context for the listener.. at least that’s what I got from it. I could have gone in a number of directions with this but I pulled Drum & Bass because I feel like a lot of people who still like D&B are missing out on tunes that are deep but upbeat, that is to say, tunes that don’t take themselves too seriously I guess.

Check the writeup at Big Love. (The mix itself actually dates back to the beginning of May but good music is timeless… right!)



Pearson Sound – Higher (Darkestral Galaxicos)
Phaeleh – Afterglow [dBridge’s Faded Light Remix] (Afterglo)
System – Observation Point (Exit Records)
Enei – Danger Dance (Critical Recordings)
Noisia and Spor – Falling Through (Vision Recordings)
Subwave – Rain Dance (Metalheadz)
FD feat. Script – Sent Down (Modulations)
Total Science, S.P.Y and Lenzman – Narrow Margin (Subtitles)
BCee and S.P.Y – Nothing To Declare (Spearhead Records)
Octane, DLR and Ant TC1 – The Jazz Club (Dispatch Recordings)
Lynx feat. Sense MC – For The Rebels [Instrumental Mix] (Detail Recordings)
System – The Diver’s Dream (Warm Communications)
Lynx – The Foundry (Detail Recordings)
Lenzman – Take It Back (SGN:LTD)
System – Go Again (Warm Communications)
Lynx and Hellrazor – Dirty Red (Detail Recordings)
Enei – Outfield (Opposide Records)
Rockwell feat. Untold – Rekohu Sunrise (Critical Recordings)
Marcus Intalex feat. S.P.Y – Triband (Soul:r)
Origin Unknown – Lunar Bass [Commix Remix] (RAM Records)
Lenzman – Masquerade [Die, Interface and Will Cartwright Remix] (Metalheadz Platinum)
System – Quadrophonic (Vampire Records)

DJM on Active Mindz radio mp3 download

I forgot to post in advance but I played yesterday for War//breakeR & Grace on their internet radio show, Active Mindz Sessions, on Jungletrain.net. Between the three of us it was a nice little 3-hour session.. see what you think.

DOWNLOAD MP3 (192 kbps, 250 MB, 3 hours)


WAR//BREAKER – 00:00 to 54:ish

1) ASC- Matter of Time (Non Plus)
2) Flatliners- Dub Tune (Future Thinking)
3) Equinox- Love Thy Brother [Breakage Dub Thy Brother mix] (Bassbin)
4) Naphta- Jungle Republic [Ricky Force remix] (Ruff Revival)
5) Skitty- Bad it Up (Foundation X)
6) Double O- Babylon [Antidote VIP] (dub)
7) Cause 4 Concern- Seawolf [IllSkillz remix] (C4C)
8) Antidote- Red Alert (unreleased)
9) Infest & Tim Reaper- Dead Foxes (dub)
10) San.Dra- Retreat (Subtle Audio)
11) Hobzee- The Escape (Future Thinking)
12) Skitty- Firetown (Foundation X)
13) Polska- Summertare [0=0 remix] (Subtle Audio)
14) Social Engineer- Line of Site VIP (Scientific Wax)
15) Radicall- Cellar Door (???)


GRACE – 54:ish to 1:33:ish

1) Alaskadox- ??? (Paradox Music)
2) dBridge- Creatures of Habit (Exit)
3) Paradox- Rivet (Paradox Music)
4) Stakka & KTee- Andromeda (Liftin Spirits)
5) Nucleus & Paradox- Rocksteady (Esoteric)
6) Adam F- Metropolis (Metalheadz)
7) Jonny L- Mode Upon (Pirahna)
8) Fracture and Neptune- Tape Fog (Astrophonica)
9) Juju & Hive- Headhunters (Violence)


DJM – 1:33:ish to 3:01:24

1) Digital & Morphy – Shanty (Exit)
2) dBridge – Love Hotel (Exit)
3) DJG – Hydrate [Consequence remix] (Warm Communications)
4) Pearson Sound – Higher (Darkestral Galaxicos)
5) Phil Tangent – Lunar (Soul:r)
6) Artificial Intelligence – Three’s A Crowd ft. dBridge (V)
7) Spirit – All I Need [Anile remix] (Inneractive)
8) Beta 2 – Cabin Fever (Footprints)
9) Jubei & dBridge – Patience (Metalheadz)
10) Electrosoul System – Asteroids (Sound-Trax)
11) Code 3 – Delta (Shogun Limited)
12) Spectrasoul ft. dBridge – Glimpse (Shogun Audio)
13) Survival – Masquerade (Dispatch)
14) Ulterior Motive – Yoghurt Brainwave (Subtitles Music)
15) Zero Tolerance & Bailey – Wasp Factory (Footprints)
16) Jonny L – This Time [Cool Dub Mix] (XL)
17) Alaska – The Vortex (Renegade)
18) Exocet – Demon Seed [The Insiders remix] (Nu Directions)
19) System 4 – Black Cell (Funk 21)
20) The Fix – 8 Billion Stories (Breakin)
21) M.I.S.T. – Clockwork (Soul:r)
22) Keaton & Hive – Retreat (Xtinction Agenda)
23) Nebula – South London Nights (Scientific Wax)
24) Alaska – Celsius (Arctic Music)
25) Scape – Tranquility (Scientific Wax)


I went down to Monterey last weekend to hang out with Senator & Peter Be and play at their new monthly, ODYSSEY (4th Saturdays @ East Village Coffee Lounge). The concept of the night was deep space vibes in a perfect intimate setting so I played some newish atmospheric jungle plus some various favorites. Big up to all our neighbors in Monterey for a wicked time.. check the Technic:


Odyssey 3/28/2009

01 [00:00]_ ASC & Chris J – Idem (Covert Ops)
02 [05:44]_ Modemellow – Darksaber (Camino Blue)
03 [09:42]_ ASC – Lightyears (Translation)
04 [13:40]_ Kytel – Luminous (Camino Blue)
05 [17:38]_ Mav – Ocean Phantom (Fokuz)
06 [20:52]_ Angelzero – Double-Edge (Subtitles)
07 [23:02]_ Modemellow – Subtopia (Camino Blue)
08 [26:48]_ Fracture & Neptune – Sky Song (Med School)
09 [30:02]_ Commix – How You Gonna Feel feat. Steve Spacek (Metalheadz)
10 [34:00]_ Lynx vs Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes (Soul:r)
11 [36:09]_ Zero Tolerance – Natural Selection (Subtitles)
12 [39:23]_ The Funktion – Get Up (Critical)
13 [42:38]_ Optical – The Shining [Ed Rush & Optical rmx] (Metro)
14 [45:17]_ AJC – The Sound (Basswerk)
15 [49:18]_ Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force [Spirit rmx] (bootleg)
16 [53:27]_ Dillinja – Accurist (Test)