Big Love Archives presents Loose Joints vol 1 mixed by DJM

Andria at Big Love Archives was kind enough to invite me to do the first in an exclusive mix series for the site. Her concept started out as programming music to represent or evoke a particular space, then kinda morphed into an outlet to bring unusual music to the surface with some context for the listener.. at least that’s what I got from it. I could have gone in a number of directions with this but I pulled Drum & Bass because I feel like a lot of people who still like D&B are missing out on tunes that are deep but upbeat, that is to say, tunes that don’t take themselves too seriously I guess.

Check the writeup at Big Love. (The mix itself actually dates back to the beginning of May but good music is timeless… right!)



Pearson Sound – Higher (Darkestral Galaxicos)
Phaeleh – Afterglow [dBridge’s Faded Light Remix] (Afterglo)
System – Observation Point (Exit Records)
Enei – Danger Dance (Critical Recordings)
Noisia and Spor – Falling Through (Vision Recordings)
Subwave – Rain Dance (Metalheadz)
FD feat. Script – Sent Down (Modulations)
Total Science, S.P.Y and Lenzman – Narrow Margin (Subtitles)
BCee and S.P.Y – Nothing To Declare (Spearhead Records)
Octane, DLR and Ant TC1 – The Jazz Club (Dispatch Recordings)
Lynx feat. Sense MC – For The Rebels [Instrumental Mix] (Detail Recordings)
System – The Diver’s Dream (Warm Communications)
Lynx – The Foundry (Detail Recordings)
Lenzman – Take It Back (SGN:LTD)
System – Go Again (Warm Communications)
Lynx and Hellrazor – Dirty Red (Detail Recordings)
Enei – Outfield (Opposide Records)
Rockwell feat. Untold – Rekohu Sunrise (Critical Recordings)
Marcus Intalex feat. S.P.Y – Triband (Soul:r)
Origin Unknown – Lunar Bass [Commix Remix] (RAM Records)
Lenzman – Masquerade [Die, Interface and Will Cartwright Remix] (Metalheadz Platinum)
System – Quadrophonic (Vampire Records)