April pickups part deux


Martyn – Great Lengths CD (3024) [3024005CD] – see previous post!

Instra:Mental / Breakage : Futurist / Late Night (Nakedlunch) [NL 002] – A great 10″ F I N A L L Y getting a full release. Futurist is a shimmering slice of synthetic electro dubstep (dubstep electro?). Late Night features gorgeous pads and a minimal groove skating along over big fat Breakage bass weight. Both tunes are devastating and a fine addition to the mellow end of the dubstep spectrum. And, the sleeve has Agent Cooper’s face on it!!

Pinch : Attack of the Giant Killer Robot Spiders! / Teleportation (Planet Mu) [ZIQ236] – Attack has an IDM-screwed kilter with deep bass pulses and wobbles, not to mention an excellent b-movie title. Teleportation is a slower and more straightforward piece with the brain of the track in the eerie ambiance and dub techno stabs.

Drum & Bass

Vampire Records Presents… Once Bitten, Twice High (Vampire) [VAMPCDLP1UK001] – Compilation on Phil Source Direct’s uneven and stylistically scattered label. I grabbed this for a few tunes on the cheap but have come around to a couple more. If you can be bothered to dig through the weeds, check out System “Final Enemy”, Bal “Remembrance”, Resound “Razorback”, Survival “Wet Summer”, and ASC “Caesium”.

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