April pickups

Drum & Bass

Alix Perez : Im Free / Melanie – Shogun Audio, SHA024 – Im (I’m?) Free is a catchy bleepfest, love this one.

Data : Muted / Splice : Metalheadz, METH 077 – Muted is one of those simple two-step tracks that slowly wormed its way into my subconscious. Not as into Splice, similar synthetic techstep sounds but a bit harder with a dirty reese.

Alix Perez & Sabre / Sabre : Everglade / God Fearing : Metalheadz, METH 076 – Everglade is a solid acid dancefloor tune. I’m a bit more partial to God Fearing which is eerie and syncopated.

Subwave : Dreamcatcher / Special Skills : Metalheadz Platinum, METPLA 008 – Continuing the Metalheadz love-in, Dreamcatcher is another solid headz a-side but again I picked this up for the flip: disorientating, breaks-heavy, stabby.

Spirit : SHK / Nightshade : 203 Records, 203001 – First release on Spirit’s sister label to Inneractive featuring the much-anticipated hands-in-the-air raveout SHK. Nightshade has a nice groove, more along the lines of his mellow Soul:r side, like his track Holding Back or Orchid.


Marcus Intalex : Debbit / Four Three Three : Revolve:r, REVOLVER014 – If I’m not mistaken this is the first solo dubstep 12″ from Mr. Intalex. Debbit starts out as deep roller then the techno pads come in and shit gets real emotional, in a good way. Four Three Three is carried by a 4-4 housey beat with a big layer of dub techno awesome sauce.

The Roots Of El-B : CD : Tempa, TEMPACD012 – I love some El-B tracks but I wasn’t buying 2-step at the time the 12″s came out. Figured this was a good buy.

L-WIZ : FIRST STEP / MOJITO / PRAYER ROOM : RED VOLUME RECORDINGS, RVOL 008 – Something for everyone here. First Step is as big a dancefloor half-step tune as L-Wiz have yet to release but maintains a Reggae skankin’ feel. Mojito is the pretty side of L-Wiz, for fans of Amy Diamond (their tune, not the pop singer). Prayer Room is also nice, minimal and stabby but with a broken beat swing.

Benga / Skream : Technocal / Trapped In A Dark Bubble : Tectonic, TEC 026 – Unusual bassline on the Skream tune, pretty much bubbles darkly like it says on the box. Technocal is a solid Benga swing beat with kind of an acid-lite feel.

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